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Story by TSgt Jeff St.Sauveur
When F-15 engines break in Europe they come to RAF Lakenheath’s propulsion shop for the repairs. Tech Sergeant Jeff St.Sauveur takes us to the shop.
Story by SSgt Michael Wykes
When a jet engine needs to be fixed, it travels through various maintenance engine shops. SSgt Michael Wykes shows us what happens before it can be returned to the jet and the flight line, it must be approved at the test cell.
Story by SrA Amanda Sampson
RAF Lakenheath’s own Air Force Repair and Enhancement Program is finding new, innovative ways to make every dollar count. SrA Amanda Sampson finds out how these Airmen make repairs.
Story by A1C Gabriela Calderon
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response is something that all Airmen should be familiar with. A1C Gabriela Calderon speaks with SSgt Autumn Windsor about the life-changing events that inspired her to become a victim advocate and create a maintenance specific SAPR briefing.
Story by SSgt Michael Wykes
Most U.S. service-members are familiar with the blood alcohol limit of .08 being the norm for legal impairment. However, SSgt Michael Wykes tells us if you’re travelling to Scotland you should be aware that the BAC laws have changed.
Story by TSgt Jeff St.Sauveur
February is National Children’s Dental health month. TSgt Jeff St.Sauveur shares how RAF Lakenheath’s Dental Clinic kicks off the month with a unique booth to help educate kids as well as parents.
Story by SrA Amanda Sampson
The United Kingdom tri-base community’s Liberty Football Club has the experience of a lifetime. SrA Amanda Sampson takes us Saint George’s Park for more.
Story by TSgt Jeff St.Sauveur
Chasing perfection and catching excellence. TSgt Jeff St.Sauveur shows us why the Airmen of RAF Lakenheath are in the running for the Commander in Chief’s Installation Excellence Award.

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